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What Causes Tooth Decay?

Dental carries, or tooth decay, is caused by the acids which are produced by specific types of acid- producing bacteria. These bacteria cause damage when they produce acids in the presence of fermentable carbohydrates, like sugar. These acids cause damage to the hard tooth composition, causing the tissues to slowly break down. This breakdown in the teeth produces the holes that we call cavities. The teeth’s mineral content is sensitive to increases of acidity in the mouth, so tooth decay is speeded up by the constant presence of sugars and other simple carbohydrates, even in minute mounts.

If holes in the teeth are not treated immediately, this can lead to tooth aches, tooth loss, and even infection that can travel deep inside the gums to the jaw. To prevent tooth decay, the presence of acid- producing bacteria in the mouth must be eliminated. Acids and sugar must be removed from the oral cavity. Remove these unwanted elements from your mouth with proper and regular flossing, brushing, and gargling. These are simple measures that will help you avoid painful tooth decay that destroys the health and appearance of pearly-white teeth.

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